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Come into usCreate a world-class national paint leadership brand

Honsun Mold Industry Co., Ltd.(深圳市灏鸿鑫精密科技有限公司) is a company established in China to serve global mold manufacturing in 2009. It is currently applying for ISO9001:2000 certification. Our main business is plastic injection molds (including thermoplastic injection molding). And thermosetting injection molding) and the production of die-casting molds, as well as product design, first board production, pattern design, mold flow analysis, product production, silk screen printing, painting, plating and assembly of related value-added products and services. We are good at Molds are available, multi-cavity molds, automatic thread removal molds, two-color three-color molds, DME MUD molds, flip molds, high-polishing molds and hot runner molds. Exports are mainly exported to the US, Germany, France, UK. , Canada, Singapore and other European and American countries.

Why are we such a popular mold manufacturing company?

In addition to our excellent talents, good machines and the hard work of the entire team, more importantly, we have a good business philosophy. We are a customer-oriented company. Customers are our service centers. We are willing to do our best to provide high quality products and excellent service, we are also willing to save customers as much as possible. And we have smooth communication and excellent project management capabilities!

In general, our growth comes from the care of our customers. Because we know that it is not easy to get a new customer, but it is very simple to lose a customer. At the same time, we also believe that as long as we sincerely and continuously support our customers. Customers have the opportunity to do better than they expected. This is what we want! Unity and cooperation,

It is our aim to work together for a win-win situation!

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+49 1590 1962691+49 1590 1962691