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Why do injection molding machines have low-pressure protection, and should we still install mold monitors in actual production?

Time:2023-09-14 17:41:18|


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In the injection molding manufacturing industry, mold repair costs have always been high and uncontrollable, eroding the net profit of the boss. Due to the speciality and irregularity of different products, despite the use of many mold protection measures, the loss caused by mold damage cannot be avoided. The harm to the human body, and every injury is spent on the company's net profit, which makes people feel distressed.

When buying injection molding machines, many injection molding machine salesmen will introduce how well the low-voltage protection period of the machine is conceived; but why do we have to install the monitor when we actually produce it? And the more sophisticated the injection molding machine, the more so why? Xiaobian summarizes the following reasons:

The injection molding machine has a fast cycle. The clamping action is fast and the movement is fast in order to match the cycle. It is basically impossible to achieve low-pressure protection in a short distance. It is like a car acceleration and deceleration.
Many times the precision molds are really fragile, and the molds are damaged when the low-pressure alarm is applied, such as mirror molds and precision molds.
The mold of the inclined top mold has not been in the low pressure protection state due to the burning of the thimble.
The main reason is that the insert is caused by damage caused by poor mold filling or demolding.
The debugging of low-voltage protection is a technical activity that is not adjusted by every master, and is easily subject to false alarms due to mold temperature changes.
Only the low-voltage protection that is transferred out of good condition can be stable and effective. Some old overhauled machines have relatively low pressure. It is of great significance to synthesize the above-mentioned mold protector.

working principle:

When the injection molding machine is in place, the output signal triggers the mold protector, which continuously takes the image of the mold cavity and monitors whether the ejector pin ejects and falls. When it is monitored that the workpiece is completely falling, the mold protector sends a confirmation signal back to the injection molding machine to start the next cycle. If the workpiece does not fall or there is any debris between the molds within the set time, the mold protector will send an abnormal signal to stop the injection molding machine and alarm.

Protect the mold by image contrasting non-destructive installation without damaging the original process.
Compared with the low pressure protection, it has been confirmed before the mold clamping, and the protection is timely. Apply that sentence to protect the first action.
It can detect more content, because it is the image contrast, it can solve the phenomenon that the thimble does not retreat the product and the mold is not smooth.
The new mold protector can achieve an accuracy of 0.001 and accuracy can also replace the obvious defects of the manual identification product to prevent the occurrence of bad batches.
Based on LINUX network server development can run remotely is monitoring and operation.
There are many good protections for precision injection molded iron mesh nut implants. The following shows some of the cases:

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