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Expert analysis: lightweight and advanced technology and development trend of automotive interior and exterior molding molds

Time:2023-09-14 17:36:47|


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With the advent of electric vehicles and driverless technology and the era of new energy vehicles, lightweight design of automobiles will be an inevitable trend in automotive design, and plastics that turn automotive lightweight design into reality will inevitably be plastic. The large use of plastics in the automotive industry will definitely bring a new historical opportunity to the plastics industry and the automotive injection mold industry.

Inner and outer decoration

1. Automotive interior instrument panel assembly

It mainly includes the main instrument panel assembly, the instrument panel tube beam assembly, and the auxiliary instrument panel assembly.

2. Car side wall trim panel assembly

3. SUV model side wall trim panel assembly

4. Automotive interior door guard assembly

5. Car roof assembly

6. Car front and rear bumper assembly

7. Car back door guard plate assembly

8. Car fender assembly

9. Automotive lighting assembly

Common materials for interior and exterior decoration

Proportion of automotive injection molds on interior and exterior

Behind the rapid development of the automotive industry is the development of the automotive mold industry. Especially in recent years, the development of the world automotive mold industry is changing with each passing day, and the demand for molds for automobiles is also growing. In a new car, about 500 pairs of automotive injection molds are needed. In the developed countries of the automotive industry, the market share of automotive products has exceeded 60%, and this trend continues to rise. It can be said that the injection mold has the largest proportion in the automobile mold, and the importance is self-evident.

Advanced technology for automotive interior and exterior molding molds

There is no essential difference between automotive injection molds and other injection molds, but they also have many of their own characteristics. Since the added value of automotive injection molds is generally high, many advanced technologies (such as sequential valve hot runner control technology, internal split profile technology, low pressure injection molding technology, etc.) are preferred to be developed and applied in automotive injection molds.

1. Sequence valve hot runner control technology (SVG technology)

The sequential valve hot runner control technology (SVG technology) is a new type of controlled hot runner technology. The cylinder is controlled in sequence by the cylinder control, which solves the problem of appearance defects of the traditional multi-point synchronous feed product. It can effectively avoid the defects such as weld lines and air pockets in the interior and exterior parts of the car, reduce the flow length, reduce the molding pressure, and play a huge role in the interior and exterior trim parts of the car with strict appearance requirements.

2. Low-pressure double-layer injection mold technology

The so-called low-pressure double-layer injection mold, also referred to as low-pressure injection mold, is a new type of injection mold technology. The traditional parts that are manually coated and vacuum-adsorbed by the male mold are directly injected into the mold. The main principle of the low-pressure injection mold is: the plastic injection pressure is lower on the cloth. When the mold is opened, the cloth should be hung on the front mold hanging needle, then the mold is clamped, injection molded, and finally taken. The products produced by this technology have a special soft fabric on the surface, which is greatly improved in decoration, hand feeling and appearance. Therefore, low-pressure injection mold technology is widely used in medium and high-end cars, generally used in automotive map bag skeletons, automotive ABC columns and other parts.

The main principle of the low-pressure injection mold is that the injection pressure is lower on the cloth. When the mold is opened, the cloth should be hung on the front mold hanging needle, mold clamping, injection molding, and then take the parts.

——Number of holes: 1+1

Model: Great Wall

Product Name: Left/Right B-pillar upper guard

Production machine: 1600T

——Number of holes: 1+1

Model: Great Wall

Product Name: A column guard

Production machine: 1600T

3. Automotive bumper internal parting injection mold technology

In automotive injection molds, for automotive bumper products, advanced internal parting technology is often used in mold design. The advantage is that the parting clip line is hidden on the non-appearing surface of the bumper, and the appearance of the clip line is not seen after assembly on the car, and the appearance of the product is not affected. However, this technology is more complicated and structurally difficult than the external type bumper, and the technical risk is also high. The mold cost and mold price are also higher than the external type bumper, but because of the beautiful appearance, in the middle and high-end cars. It is widely used.

As shown in the figure below, the product is demolded at both ends with a straight top + inclined top mechanism.

The blue color at the bottom of the product shown in the figure below is designed with a straight top on the large sloping roof, so that the product can be slanted when it is ejected.

The side buckle has a sloping top sloping structure:

The buckle is demolded by a structure that makes a tunnel block on a straight top:

The ejector mechanism is divided into three levels:

(1) The first stage is ejector with 4 cylinders and the same mode as the front mold to move out 60mm, and 4 hooks are auxiliary mechanisms;

(2) The second stage is ejected and the cylinder continues to eject 70MM;

(3) The third stage ejector uses 2 small cylinders to make a second ejector of 30MM, which is convenient for taking parts.

In order to ensure that the inclined top and the front mold move synchronously when the mold is opened, the product is deformed and demoulded. When the ejection mechanism moves 60mm synchronously with the front mold, the front/rear mold is partially separated, thus protecting the mold and ensuring that the product is not Will be dragged!

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