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    Experience Plastic shell manufacturing
    and processing for more than ten years

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    More than a thousand companies at home and abroad provides shell customization services

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    Continuous innovation and improvement
    while developing make newer products

  • Low carbon environmental protection

    Environmentally friendly material
    net aldehyde low value

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About us

Honsun Mold Industry Co Ltd

Honsun Mold Industry Co., Ltd.(深圳市灏鸿鑫精密科技有限公司) is a company established in China to serve global mold manufacturing in 2009. It is currently applying for ISO9001:2000 certification. Our main business is plastic injection molds (including thermoplastic injection molding). And thermosetting injection molding) and the production of die-casting molds, as well as product design, first board production, pattern design, mold flow ana...

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What are the points to be aware of when processing plastic casings?
(1) The plastic temperature and mold temperature are high, resulting in long cooling time.(2) The glue is long. The back pressure should be reduced, the secondary material should be reduced to prevent overhead, and the feed section should be cooled sufficiently.(3) The movement of the machine is slo [More +]
Is it good to do injection molds or sheet metal molds?
In fact, these two kinds of molds have their own characteristics, which can't be said to be good or bad, and the simple structure of the mold is good. Complexity requires a certain skill to win. Also don't underestimate the gold mold, the complicated jumping pattern, and it is also a test of [More +]
What should be paid attention to the acceptance of sheet metal molds, is there any standard?
1. Subject content and scope of application1, 1 This specification stipulates the acceptance methods of cold blanking die and bending die used in sheet metal production.1, 2 This specification is applicable to the acceptance of outsourcing, outsourcing, self-cooling punching die and bending die. [More +]
What is the wall thickness of common plastic parts?
Common wall thicknesses for different materials of plastic parts:ABS: Generally preferred material, the wall thickness is usually 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3mm, depending on the size and function of the product.PP: Because it is softer and based on shrinkage, it can't be too thick, generally 1, 1.2, [More +]
What kind of material is used for the mold core of plastic mold?
The first NAK80, you have to know how to describe it in Chinese, you don't have to ask other, "pre-hardened high hardness mirror mold steel", NAK80 hardness and polishing is excellent, but when it comes to corrosion resistance, it is still not as good as S136 If you do not consider the [More +]
+49 1590 1962691+49 1590 1962691